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TSC Services

Although Each Project Is Unique, They Typically Include The Following Services

Project Planning & Design

Plan to succeed! Thoughtful planning can ensure the success of your Project before it begins. TSC helps our Clients plan for Specific Project needs ...

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... from establishing Scope and Viability, to Budget, Schedule and Team Requirements, Process Implementation and Ongoing Evaluation, This includes Risk Assessment, as well as establishing Mitigation Strategies that save time and money. TSC's Team of Experts have the experience, and know-how from "Concept to Closeout" to complete your Project(s) with Superior Quality, On Time, and On Budget. 

City / Agency Communication

TSC represents the Developer / Dealer (aka "Project Owner") for ALL Agency Negotiations, Submittals, Plan-Check, and Permitting.

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Our vast experience, and our stellar reputation can significantly reduce the stress + frustration which often accompanies these Phases of a Project; which typically frees the Project Owner to focus on other important aspects of their Business(es).

Scope / Schedule Reassessment

It is not unusual for the original "Scope Of Work" (SOW) to change during the Permitting Process, requiring modifications to the "Construction Schedule".

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TSC quickly adapts by re-evaluating + re-defining the SOW, and works closely with the Project Owner to update the Construction Schedule.

Bidding Management

TSC assembles + distributes the Formal Bid Packages / RFP's to carefully vetted, highly qualified Contractors & Tradesmen.

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Upon receipt of all the Bids / Proposals, TSC thoroughly evaluates each Bid for completeness + consistency, and naturally also compares the Pricing; at which point TSC will provide recommendations to the Project Owner for approval.

Health & Safety Compliance

TSC carefully monitors each Contractor's Compliance with ALL State & Local Safety Certifications and Regulations;

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with overall Site Safety being the responsibility of the General Contractor.

Construction Management

TSC provides a comprehensive "Suite of Services" so we can facilitate the best outcome for a Project throughout each Stage.

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Our Consultants possess the requisite Engineering & Construction experience to effectively address any of the various challenges or Budgetary Issues that may arise. TSC operates on behalf of the Project Owner, to ensure the Critical Path Tasks + Deadlines are met, and oversees + streamlines ALL the Agency Interactions & Inspections. Project Owners receive Weekly Site Reports with Pictures to chronicle the Project Progress.

Risk Management

Identifying, preventing, and mitigating potential costly, and disruptive delays are the core goals of TSC's Risk Assessment & Management Services.

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Our Construction Experts adapt to the ever changing dynamics of the Engineering & Construction Industries; drawing upon decades of experience to provide cost-effective solutions that work, and to keep the Project moving forward.

Construction Claims Support

In the unfortunate event of a Construction Claim, our Claims Professionals will assist with assessing the legitimacy of the Claim ...

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... as well as quantifying any potential damages, in order to facilitate a timely, and satisfactory resolution with all relevant Parties. If we determine the Claim in not legitimate, then we dispute the Claim, and prepare all the necessary Documentation. Our process includes an analysis of the Construction Contract, and the Contract Compliance of the alleged injured Party(ies). We identify any potential Liability, quantify any potential Damages, and assist in resolving any potential Disputes, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Litigation Support

TSC's Consulting & Testifying Experts analyze the particulars of each Dispute Scenario to gain a complete understanding of every facet of the Dispute ...

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... and then provide an Objective + Technical Assessment of the "path to resolution". We draw upon our "Pool of Experts" in Management, Construction and Engineering to ensure the best outcome for our clients. If Litigation becomes unavoidable, we have the requisite Services to Support Clients in every phase of the Dispute Resolution Process, as well as throughout ALL Phases of the Litigation Process, including Pre-Filings, Discovery, Expert Witnesses, Dispute Resolution, and much more.

Project Close-Out

Upon completion of the Construction of the Project, and Sign-Off of the Final Inspections ...

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... TSC provides the Project Owner with a thorough Project "Close-Out" Package, which contains ALL the Agency Permits, Equipment Warranties, Maintenance Contracts, and a complete set of Photographs.

On Time

Superior Quality

On Budget

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